The military and government profession involves regular moving: transfer, change of base, or promotion… There are plenty of opportunities in the army, navy, or civil services to move. USA Moving Corporation will accompany you during this period by providing you with personalized advice. We proceed according to the rules of the art: we respect your equipment in order to return it in good condition to your new home. Whether you are a professional, civil servant, or military, we provide services tailored to your needs. As true experts, we intervene for any move under seal, in safety, and as soon as possible.

The USA Moving Corporation accompanies you for your military and government move by deferring your payment and taking care of your furniture. To establish an estimate or obtain additional information, contact us using the dedicated form or ask to be called back directly.

Trust the expertise of USA Moving Corporation for your military move.

Life in the army is often accompanied by professional changes. A new assignment requires a significant investment on the part of the soldier and his family. Luckily, you don’t have to go through this step alone. In addition to financial support from the government, you can count on a trusted service provider to support you in this adventure. Our moving company makes every effort to provide you with an experience that is as pleasant as it is efficient. Find out right away the reasons to choose USA Moving Corporation for your military move.

We take care of your military and government move from A to Z

Each year, we organize several hundred military and government moves in the national and overseas departments or abroad. We are well aware of the constraints you encounter in your professional transfer journey, and we always adapt to ensure that you have a peaceful departure.

We accompany you in every step so that your move becomes a simple formality. Whatever your need, we adjust our service. We organize a free technical visit to quantify your volume to be moved and correspond to your cubage right.

Three reasons to choose the personalized offer of USA Moving Corporation

Competitive rates with no upfront costs

This is why we offer deferred payment: you only pay for your move once you have received your compensation yourself. A military and government move requires committing a large budget, especially when the transfer takes you to the other end or even internationally. Advance the costs while waiting for reimbursement from the administration represents a real burden.

A team of professional and qualified movers

Transporting fragile furniture and belongings cannot be improvised. The packaging and delivery of your goods require the greatest attention. We guarantee you a smooth, fast and efficient journey. We are committed to meeting deadlines and ensuring damage-free delivery. The analysis of your volume and the inventory of your goods by one of our movers ensure that you will not be charged any additional cost on D-Day. This way, you are sure not to exceed your ceilings!

A service that adapts to your pace

Our calendar adapts to yours. We organize your military move in any season, whatever the time of year: you are our priority. We take into account all the constraints of the field, and we adapt so that they do not influence our punctuality and the quality of our services.

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